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Hello! My name is Roxana Molnar. I’m a freelance UX / UI Designer & Graphic Designer from Hungary. I hope, you will be satisfied with the services. I provide because the first customer and I work in the highest quality accordingly.

When I was 12, I became acquainted with the operation of CMS pages and then with the basics of Photoshop. I continued my studies in the field of Informatics for 5 years and I also passed the exam in informatics with good results. Altough I studied Sports, I have been working on graphic materials again for a few years.

You don't get template for your money, but affordable uniqueness. I've tried many famous Ecommerce sites, that advertise quality and higly knowledgeable professionals..but these ads are often not entirely true. On such an ECommerce site, you also have to pay a high price for a low quality product. If you're already bored of the sackcloth and want to pay for sure knowledge, you're in the right place.

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The image is for demonstration purposes, entirely my work! It is mainly the new trends that are being redesigned on the old type of websites. This is done on an HTML basis but can be requested on a CMS basis if required.

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