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Below are some of my services. In all cases, please inquire about costs before ordering. If you can't find any of the services, inquire as these main services are also available with plenty of smaller services. (image editing, translation, etc.) I do not accept orders without a deposit!


Be Unique! Package

Product Packaging is made taking into account the current market and customer needs.In addition the request order, mockup images will help with the final results of the order. If it is just a simple product packaging or packaging material, the packaging made here will stand out on the shelves.


Stand out! Branding

There are plenty of the same companies in the market so it is not an easy task to standout. It is possible to build a complete brand! Complete site (domain + webhost + webdesign etc.) with stationary set and video advertising. Defeat your competitors in the market and collect accolade!


where dreams are built Frontend Development

What I can provide is HTML5 with a high level of knowledge of CSS and Javascript. I alsolearned Ruby code language and basic PHP and jQuery. When working on a website, I either work with a template ( it depends on the customer) or I build the page excatly the way the customer wants it. The pages are 100% responsive pages and SEO optimized. An existing domain and webhost is required when ordering a website. (Request)


Be Creative, I will realize Illustration

Illustartions are an essential part of a website. They present the more creative side of the page and can make either a service or even an article much more eye-catching. On a page developed with demanding images,people prefer to spend time than where others images are used. Uniqueness attracts people can keep it. I also undertake game design and I'm also proficient in 3D software (Blender + Substance Painter) so write for me!


With Wordpress E-Commerce

E-commerce sites are created on a CMS basis. The customer decides whether you want your page with a template created by me or with a template created by someone else. The amount includes paid plugins so that you can edit the content later. Domain + WebHost required for ordering! If not, please indicate this when ordering as this will incur an additional cost. I only register your site on a server that I use.


Let's talk! Consultation

The consultation in Hungary is a personal meeting, in case of a foreign order the evaluation takes place via e-mail. There is an fee and call-out charges for the personal meeting! The consultation will give you accurate information about the website / service's bugs and possible fixes. I provide service and advice in line with current trends.

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Html / CMS
Product Design

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